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2013年1月7日 星期一

超歡樂同人音樂!! Drink This Beer

"Raise This Barn" 可說是第三季最有活力的曲子

Drink this beer, Drink this beer  喝啤酒,喝啤酒
One, Two, Three, More 一、二、三、四
Together we can drink this keg 我們一起喝這桶
One, Two, Three, Four 一、二、三、四
Down, Down go the drinks                                                 來,來,發啤酒
Hammer those shots, pour some more                               灌下去,再一些
Seeing a hot chick and get on the floor                                邊看辣妹邊醉倒地
Grab a new drink and have some more 再拿一罐繼續喝

Everyone: WOOOOOO (嗚吼~~~)
Come Everydrunkie lets get to it WHOOOOOO 來吧各位酒鬼喝個痛快吼~~~~~~

Crush those cans, Crush those cans 壓爛罐子、壓爛罐子
One, Two, Three, Four 一、二、三、四
Losing track of my drinks                                                  忘了自己喝幾罐
One, Five Three, Eight 一、五、三、八
Finish that drink, puke in the sink 喝完啤酒吐水槽
Partying hard, you're doing great 玩得痛快、幹得好
Getting real smashed just like you should 喝酒就是不醉不歸
Pounds those shots, it's all good 灌下去,沒關係的

Group: WHHHHOOOOOOO 嗚吼~~~~~~

Raise your drink Raise your drink 高舉酒瓶、高舉酒瓶
One, Two, Three, Four 一、二、三、四
How many cops are at the door 門口條子有多少
One, Two Three, Four                                                   一、二、三、四
Climbing up from the ground 想盡辦法爬起來
Have my keys been fucking found 找出我他O的鑰匙
Pop your collar and now your bro                                   拉起衣領和酒友
Grab some rum and here we go 再拿幾瓶再來喝

Look at us were fuckin drunk 看看我們醉成這樣
Drinking together, don't grab my junk 一起喝、別拿我的藥
We drunkards we are proud to say 我們以酒鬼為傲
We drink all night and fight all day 一直喝一直幹架
Drown your sorrows, it's all right 藉酒澆愁、沒關係
When in doubt, just start a fight 一有爭端就開幹
The room is spinning round and round 整個房間天旋地轉
Hold your liquor and don't fall down 拿好杯子別摔倒

Berry Drunk, Berry Drunk                                            超級醉、超級醉
One, Two, Three, More 一、二、三、四
How fingers do you see 看到幾支手指頭
One, Two, Three, Four 一、二、三、四

Take your lagers ales and stouts 台啤青啤德國啤
Drink until the tap runs out                                            喝到全部都見底
Slutty Chicks are all the rage 這裡的破麻嫩到老
Just make sure she's of legal age 只要別太幼齒就好

We raised some hell, we raised some hell 一起暴走、一起暴走
Yes we did                                                                大暴走
Together we sure raised some hell 我們完全失去理智
Yes we did                                                                大暴走
Drinking together counts the most 能一起喝最重要
I think I drank a lethal dose                                          喝太多了要翹了
All we need to make this night 今晚最大的目的
Is start a fucking bar fiiiiight                                          是在夜店大幹一架

4 則留言:

  1. 超佩服這個作者的

    未成年請勿飲酒 酒後不開車,安全有保障 XD

  2. 再來一杯~~酒鬼+1XDDD

  3. How fingers do you see ----------> How many fingers do you see 看到幾支手指頭